1. What is the jurisdiction of this office?
    This office has jurisdiction all over Maharashtra.
  2. How to lodge a complaint through portal?
    You can file online complaint to this office through internet by visiting our portal / Website from your home / office or cyber cafe.
  3. Is there any prescribed format for filing the complaint in this office?
    Yes, there is a format, but it is not obligatory to file complaint in the prescribed format.
  4. Is there any need of submitting court fee while lodging complaint?
  5. After lodging a complaint, is it necessary to appear personally in this office?
    Not really, but in case if so required we issue a letter or E-mail asking the complainant to remain present personally in this office.
  6. What details needs to be furnished while lodging a complaint with this office?
    The complainant should mention his full name and full address, mobile number or any other contact number, E-mail address if available in his complaint. Every complaint should be duly signed by the complainant or if he is illiterate it should bear his thumb impression duly attested by a literate person. Similarly, in the case of complaint involving allegations, it is obligatory to mention the name, official designation and office address of the non-applicants (persons complained against) as well as brief nature of the complaint.
  7. What documents needs to be attached while lodging a complaint?
    The original complaint and its enclosures needs to be filed in duplicate. Similarly, in the case of complaint involving allegations, an original affidavit in support of allegations, duly sworn in before the competent authority needs to be submitted. Every complaint should be accompanied by as many spare copies as there are public servant alleged against.
  8. Against whom the complaint can be filed in this office?
    The complaint against any public servant defined under section 2 (k) of the Maharashtra Lokayukta and Upa-Lokayuktas Act, 1971 can be filed in this office
  9. What is the time limit for filing the complaint?
    The complaint involving a grievance, needs to be filed within 12 months from the date on which the action complained against becomes known to the complainant and the complaint involving allegation needs to be filed within a 3 years from the date on which the action complained against is alleged to have taken place. If the complainant failed to submit complaint within stipulated time, there is provision for condoning such delay if the complainant submit a statement of grounds showing sufficient cause for not making the complaint within specified period.
  10. What further action is taken on the complaint? (How the complaints are dealt with?)
    After receiving a complaint this office register the same and allot a complaint number to it. Thereafter it is assigned to the concerned employee/officer for further action. Depending upon the nature of complaints, reports are called from the concerned offices and cases are heard by the Lokayukta / Upa-Lokayukta.
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